Mohanraj R
Mohanraj R.

Mohanraj R.


About Me

Hi 👋 I'm Mohanraj Ravichandran, you can call me Mohan.

I work as a Security Engineer @ Freshworks, my day-to-day job includes making sure that our infrastructure is constantly monitored and free from any vulnerabilities that could possibly disrupt the business of the company.

Flexing some of my skills :P

Offensive Security Web Expert

  • Perform advanced web app source code auditing
  • Analyze code, write scripts, and exploit web vulnerabilities
  • Implement complex chained attacks using multiple vulnerabilities
  • Use creative and lateral thinking to determine innovative ways of exploiting web vulnerabilities


  • Cloud security and the fundamentals of Amazon Web Services
  • Automations and tool development using Python, Bash scripting and Linux customizations are my thing 😎
    linux shell python debian kali


Apart from my work I spend most of my time playing Capture the Flag events and Valorant 🎮 with my squad 😉, we call ourselves "The Undefeated" 😆... BTW I'm just kidding